Nate’s Fantasy Heroes


From one bad relationship to another Nate just can’t catch a break. Soon he finds himself stranded on a dirt road out in the middle of nowhere. To top it all off his boyfriend is the one who left him there after he beat and raped him. Things start to change as he comes into contact with some unknown species. After having his heart torn out and stumped on by his soul mate, he finds himself battling with his heart and soul. The battle continues as another soul mate arrives and brings his horny brain into an uproar. Can Nate’s mind win the battle with his soul and heart, or will Nate forever be drooling over all the males he comes into contact with?

$0.99 USD on Smashwords


The Demon King’s Sex Kitten


He has waited a long time to find the right sex slave. Now that he has found her, will the Demon Lord be able to control his emotions. Or will his desire bring forth a burning flame like never before?

BDSM action, F/M scenes, paranormal romance, erotica, action, comedy, sex slave.

Can you handle it?

$0.99 USD on Smashwords and Amazon


Desire and Fate


A large group of warships have been stranded on a different planet. They have managed to create their own human base by using the ships as homes. What they did not realize was they were not alone. The natives of this world had been watching them since they arrived. Hanna and her husband Sam find themselves trapped by an unexpected attack upon their base. Half-human/half-dragon beings, bring fear and death to their little home, putting Hanna in a position she never expected to be in. Now held captive by the evil beast that killed her husband, she wonders if they will eventually kill her. Over time she starts to have feelings for their leader Ozonar, who had always dreamed of making her his, from the moment he first saw her. Fighting her feelings for her dead husband and the changing feelings for the wild, evil, surprisingly sweet beast she finds herself lost and confused. Will she eventually give in to her feelings for Ozonar or will she continue to fight them? What does her future hold for her now?
Cover artist Kirsten Maloney

Prequel is free to read on Smashwords

Full Version of Part 1 is $1.99 on Smashwords

Vultar’s Tellianar X-Rated Version



An 18 year old female named Elizabeth learns that there really is other worlds. Taken from her home she is thrown into a dungeon.

Vultar has struggled through life wishing for nothing more than finding a pure soul mate.

Fate pushes and turns as it places both of them together finally. Now what is in store for them? Will Elizabeth ever get home? What will Vultar do if his fated Soul mate does not want him?

Part 1

Free on Smashwords


Part 2

$0.99 on Smashwords

Battles of the Heart


Vollians appear to be sexy, hot, slightly buffed warrior women. Do not be miss lead for they are not as they appear. Watch, learn, and enjoy as humans explore this new world. What will happen to them? Will these erotic warriors bring joy or pain to their lives? How will the humans survive the dangers of this untamed world?

$0.99 USD on Amazon and Smashwords